Do You Have a Brake Fluid Leak? Here’s How You Can Find This Serious Problem – Before it Destroys Your Brake System!

Many brake repairs are the result of brake fluid leaks that went unchecked for too long. When brake fluid leaks, your vehicle's brake system doesn't maintain proper working pressure, and this can result in poor brake performance. In fact, the brake fluid inside the primary cylinder reservoir can diminish until the brakes eventually fail completely. Fortunately, you're able to prevent many brake problems by being aware of what brake leaks look like. Read More 

Getting the Best Out of Your Manual Transmission Vehicle

Manual transmission vehicles are a joy to drive. For motor vehicle enthusiasts who like to be in full control of their car, a manual transmission gives them an engaging experience while driving. Taking good care of a manual transmission vehicle is an important step towards getting the best results from the car at all times. Many motorists tend to ignore their transmission until they are slapped with a hefty manual transmission repair or replacement bill. Read More