Getting the Best Out of Your Manual Transmission Vehicle

Manual transmission vehicles are a joy to drive. For motor vehicle enthusiasts who like to be in full control of their car, a manual transmission gives them an engaging experience while driving. Taking good care of a manual transmission vehicle is an important step towards getting the best results from the car at all times.

Many motorists tend to ignore their transmission until they are slapped with a hefty manual transmission repair or replacement bill. To prevent being caught off guard with transmission issues, there are several important steps you can take to keep the system running efficiently.

Regularly check the fluids

One of the simplest ways of keeping your transmission in good condition is by checking your transmission fluid. Many issues with the transmission can be diagnosed by checking the level and contents of the fluid itself.

For example, issues such as leaks and contamination of the system can be identified by examining the fluid components. Make sure you have a car service technician examine your fluid levels on a regular basis.

Improve the functioning of transmission parts

In most cases, your manual transmission needs a boost to keep operating effectively and for longer. There are many products in the market that reduce friction, improve lubrication and regulate temperatures within the transmission framework.

These products not only extend the life of your transmission, but they can also boost the overall performance of your vehicle. It is a good idea to consult with a manual transmission repair service to get recommendations of the best products you can use.

Maintain the right gear

While driving, make sure that the car is in the right gear at all times. This means not driving at 80KPH while still on the first gear, or driving at 20KPH while on the fourth gear.

Being in the wrong gear on a regular basis can wear down the transmission parts (such as the bearings and fluid transmission).

Go easy on the brakes

Careless braking has been shown to not only wear out the brake pads, but the manual transmission as well. Pay attention to how often you brake and avoid sharp and sudden braking while on the road.

Exercise caution when shifting to reverse

Another common mistake motorists make with manual vehicles is shifting to the reverse gear while the car is still in motion. Shifting gears in this way can wear down the gearbox by weakening or stripping the gears. Make sure you come to a complete stop before switching from reverse to the first gear and vice versa.

If you experience issues with your transmission, a manual transmission repair service can examine your vehicle and fix any complications before they worsen.