The Debate Between Manual and Automatic Transmission Cars

With advancements in car engineering, more vehicles today use automatic transmissions as opposed to manual transmissions. Motorists often debate between the two options in an attempt to determine which is the better choice. As manual transmission vehicles continue to become rare, drivers are noticing the incredible benefits they offered in terms of fuel efficiency, durability and high performance while on the road. So what makes a manual transmission vehicle stand out from its automatic counterpart? Read More 

Need Vehicle Towing? Here’s What You Need to Do Before the Tow Truck Arrives!

If your vehicle breaks down and you need to call a tow truck for help, you'll probably just feel relieved to know that help is on the way. You may assume that there's nothing that you need to do other than hand over the car keys and pay the driver for their services. However, because your car will likely be at the mechanic's shop for at least a few days, you'll need to do a bit of preparation before the tow truck arrives. Read More 

Vehicle Registration Inspection: What You Need to Know

If you are planning to sell your car or if you wish to register it with local authorities, you will need to ensure that it has undergone a full vehicle inspection. A registration inspection is designed to make sure that the car is in a roadworthy condition. Below is a guide to everything you need to know about vehicle registrations inspections. You don't need to pre-pay for the inspection Thankfully, vehicle registrations inspections are not very costly. Read More 

A Bit On The Side: The Advantages Of Choosing A Side Tipper Trailer For Farm Work

Fetching, carrying and depositing large loads quickly and safely is vital to any agricultural operation, whether you run a modest fruit farm or thousands of acres of crop fields. From hay bales to harvested crops, silage and manure, the loads you'll need to carry are many and varied, and many farmers invest in tipper trailers to make transporting large loads a considerably simpler prospect. However, if you choose to purchase a tipper trailer, you'll need to decide what kind of tipper is best for your needs. Read More 

Applying for Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

Before you can consider driving a heavy vehicle, you require the appropriate licence for the specific class of the vehicle. Once you have the licence, you are allowed to drive any class that's below the licence class, except motorcycles. Before applying or upgrading a heavy vehicle licence such as forklift licence or truck licence, you must complete the required knowledge test at the recommended service centre. Depending on your location, you can pay and book a heavy vehicle driving test with the Roads and Maritime Services or pay the Registered Training Organisation to get an HVCBA (heavy vehicle competency-based assessment). Read More