A Bit On The Side: The Advantages Of Choosing A Side Tipper Trailer For Farm Work

Fetching, carrying and depositing large loads quickly and safely is vital to any agricultural operation, whether you run a modest fruit farm or thousands of acres of crop fields. From hay bales to harvested crops, silage and manure, the loads you'll need to carry are many and varied, and many farmers invest in tipper trailers to make transporting large loads a considerably simpler prospect. However, if you choose to purchase a tipper trailer, you'll need to decide what kind of tipper is best for your needs. Read More 

Applying for Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

Before you can consider driving a heavy vehicle, you require the appropriate licence for the specific class of the vehicle. Once you have the licence, you are allowed to drive any class that's below the licence class, except motorcycles. Before applying or upgrading a heavy vehicle licence such as forklift licence or truck licence, you must complete the required knowledge test at the recommended service centre. Depending on your location, you can pay and book a heavy vehicle driving test with the Roads and Maritime Services or pay the Registered Training Organisation to get an HVCBA (heavy vehicle competency-based assessment). Read More 

Everything You Need to Know About Importing a Classic Car

It is a fact that many classic cars have were produced in Europe and the USA. The first hurdle most people face when planning to buy a classic foreign car is finding the money to do so. If you have the money, the next hurdle you will face is importing the car into Australia. Unfortunately, you cannot have the car loaded onto a boat and then unloaded so you can drive away, without first dealing with the paperwork and paying taxes required to bring the car onto Australian roads legally. Read More 

4 Causes of Fuel Pump Misdiagnosis

Some hobbyists may rush to replace the fuel pump in their cars under the mistaken belief that the pump has malfunctioned when the fault was elsewhere. This article discusses some of the defects or situations that may lead an inexperienced car owner to think that the fuel pump is defective. Poor Strainer Installation Some people may install a strainer on the inlet side of the fuel pump. Improper installation can cause that strainer to get in the way of the float arm of the fuel sensor. Read More 

Why You Need a Specialist Mechanic for Your Imported Vehicle

Importing foreign cars from Europe and the USA is becoming an increasingly popular choice for many Australian motorists. If you have decided to import a foreign made car, you may be tempted to take it to a regular mechanic when it needs repair or maintenance work. However, doing so would be a mistake. You should instead take it to a mechanic who specialises in servicing and repairing imported cars. Below is an overview of 2 reasons why you should take your foreign made car to a specialist mechanic. Read More