Applying for Your Heavy Vehicle Licence

Before you can consider driving a heavy vehicle, you require the appropriate licence for the specific class of the vehicle. Once you have the licence, you are allowed to drive any class that's below the licence class, except motorcycles. Before applying or upgrading a heavy vehicle licence such as forklift licence or truck licence, you must complete the required knowledge test at the recommended service centre. Depending on your location, you can pay and book a heavy vehicle driving test with the Roads and Maritime Services or pay the Registered Training Organisation to get an HVCBA (heavy vehicle competency-based assessment).

Once you have passed the driving test or the HVCBA, you should return to the service centre to get your licence.

Classes of heavy vehicle licences

The list below shows heavy vehicle licence classes issued by the Roads and Maritime.

  • Multi Combination –for prime movers, low loader combinations, low loader dolly, B-doubles, road trains
  • Heavy Combination –for heavy articulated vehicles
  • Heavy Rigid –for heavy rigid buses or trucks
  • Medium Rigid –for medium buses or trucks
  • Light Rigid –for small trucks or busses

What you will need

  • The PDF application form
  • Payment for the Roads and Maritime driving exam or the HVCBA
  • Have a licence for the required time
  • Your glasses or contact lenses (in case you wear them), or take an eye sight test
  • Endorsed HVCBA log book if you completed the HVCBA, or
  • Receipt for paying and passing the Road and Maritime test.

How to apply

Begin by downloading the PDF licence application form. Ensure you have all necessary documents and additional items. Then visit the service centre to submit the information yourself

Things you should keep in mind

When you apply or renew a photo card or a licence card at a service centre, they will post it for you at no cost. This takes five working days.

The highest heavy vehicle licence level is multi-combination, covering road trains, B-doubles and prime movers.

In case you have not received your card via the mail in ten days, be sure to call the Roads and Maritime services.

A renewal notice is mailed within six weeks before the expiry of a license, giving you time to plan and renew early.

When it comes to drivers licence applications or renewal, a receipt is offered to allow you to drive until you get your card via the mail. The receipt's validity lasts for thirty days.