Why You Should Be More Vigilant With Your Car Service If Your Vehicle Is European

For many Australian's, their dream car is of European make. Whether that is a BMW, Porsche, Audi, Mercedes-Benz or even something more reserved like a Volkswagen or Renault, there are many different European cars out there that are attractive to people for different reasons. If you have recently made the leap and got yourself a European car, then you may need to be more proactive about getting your car service taken care of. Read More 

A Guide On Dry Crane Hire

A dry hire crane is one that does not have an operator. The crane rental company expects you to hire an operator or drive the crane yourself. They are an instant solution for people that require a cheap crane or those that can operate cranes. Below is a guide on dry hire cranes.  The Benefits Of Dry Hire Cranes Dry hire cranes are cheaper than wet hire cranes since you do not have to pay the operator. Read More 

Car Service Tips

Routine car servicing will help improve the longevity of your vehicle. Below are a few things you should know about car services.  Minor Servicing Minor servicing includes light tasks such as checking the tire pressure, topping up the coolant, brake and transmission fluids. Most car owners will neglect minor car service. In the long run, the tires will have uneven wear and the brakes become dysfunctional. As such, they risk causing road accidents. Read More 

Selecting Brake pads that fit your driving style

The importance of the brakes in your vehicle cannot be overemphasised. Different motorists will have different needs for their braking system, depending on their specific vehicle as well as driving style. Not all brake pads are the same. Some are specifically designed for light everyday driving, while others are more suited for high performance applications. It is important for you to understand your options so you can make better decisions for your vehicle. Read More 

Practical Tips for Preventing Inopportune Alternator Repairs

The diminutive size of the alternator may make you think that it is not as critical as other components in your vehicle, such as the engine, but the truth is that this auto part is vital for your car's performance. Without a functional alternator, mechanical energy cannot be converted into electrical power; subsequently, multiple auto parts will be unable to function. However, few motorists pay much attention to their alternator as long as they are not experiencing auto problems. Read More